Solutions From Experience

Solutions from Experience

We've learned that companies have very similar needs. Our response to that needs depends on the size and scope of your company.

Ultimately, we are so much more than just a bookkeeping firm. Our team digs way deeper than just basic transactions, we help you think strategically so that you are better equipped to deal with the present and plan for the future.

We also offer you peace of mind, taking care of your financial needs so that you have the freedom to concentrate on your company's future.

Our solutions are built upon our experience.

The Three-Step Solution

Our passion is to collaborate with you and help develop a vision for the future.
We take an integrated three-tier approach that includes the following essential steps.




We will work with you to understand your current needs for recordkeeping and bookkeeping as well as offer you a strategic perspective.

  • The Consultation starts here.
  • Get to know you.
  • Get to know what you do.
  • Get to know why you do what you do.
  • Decision for continued conversation.



We properly align and manage records while providing strategy allowing you to focus on how best to move your company forward.

  • The Proposal & Executive Summary starts here.
  • After we get to know
    - who you are
    - what you do and,
    - why you do what you do.
    We will submit an individualized summary of executable items. 
  • You pick what you want. We carry out.



We will partner with you and with your CPA to complete transactional bookkeeping, tax filing prep, financial reporting, and more.

  • Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly filing(s)
  • Financial Statements
  • Sales Tax Filings
  • Liaison between you and your CPA
  • Responsive assistance especially with short deadlines
  • Assist in tax filing preparation